There were plenty of celebrations on Saturday night as Kellie Bailey-Lynn became the first Craigieburn Eagles player to play 350 Big V games for the club.

Having made her debut as a 14-year-old when the team was short of players, Bailey-Lynn will go down as one of the Eagles greatest ever players.

Speaking before the game, Bailey-Lynn said the milestone was not only special to her, but the people around her.

Her family has been involved with the club as well, with the Craigieburn Basketball Association becoming her second home.

“There’s been some wonderful people who have played and played a lot of games too, so it’s special in that regard that I’m up there with them,” she said.

“I just love the place and it’s part of me. I feel like when I’m there, I’m at home and it’s an extension of who I am and what I do, really.”

Bailey-Lynn has been part of two Eagles championships, both of which she said are career highlights.

She said those two championships, along with the friendships she’s made, will be what she remembers when she retires.

“The main part is people enjoying being there,” she said.

“Almost all my friends have come through basketball.

“Ninety per cent of my friendship group is through basketball. That’s another highlight, having some of the best people in my life I’ve met along the way with basketball.”

Having started her Big V career when the competition was still called the Victorian Basketball League, Bailey-Lynn has gone from the baby of the team to the oldest.

A mother of two off court, she’s also taken on the mother role within the team.

The past few years she has reduced her time on court and taken on an assistant coaching role.

“That’s probably the best part about it,” she said.

“I love being the mother hen a little bit and at most training someone says ‘OK mum’ as I’m telling them to do something or giving advice.

“I’ve got some really good friends today, who did that for me and that’s where I got my passion for the game.

“The people I played with really took me under their wings and looked after me.”

The 32-year-old says at this stage, this year will be her last season and she is hopeful of finishing on a high.

“We’re going for finals and want to take it out if we can.”