Melton Thoroughbreds will have a women’s Big V team take to the court next season.

After a lot of hard work behind the scenes, the side will return to the competition for the first time since 2010, due to lack of numbers.

Lauren Olcorn, who captained the Thoroughbreds 2008 division 3 championship side, said she was excited to get a team back up and running.

Olcorn has been a driving force in re establishing the team. She was appointed coach last week.

“We’ve done everything possible to get the team up and going again,” she said.

“There’s been so much support from the Melton Basketball Association and especially from the committee. They think it’s the right time to have a team again.

“The most pleasing thing is our junior girls, who aren’t ready for Big V just yet, will have something for them to enter when they are old enough.

“We want to provide a pathway for them.”

Olcorn said the club had spoken to prospective players to get their thoughts on whether they wanted to be involved.

Many of those players are from Melton and have either stopped playing Big V or are playing elsewhere.

“There’s been talk for a number of years about wanting to reform and we think now is a good time,” Olcorn said. “We’ve had at least 20 people expressing interest in being in the team. Behind the scenes we were talking to a lot of players. Seeing who wanted to return and who would want to come over to Melton.

“There’s a core group of players who want to return. There’s a good group and a few juniors who will also be involved.”

Among the players planning to return are 2008 championship players Gabby Eaton and Channy Paris-Webb. Natelee Eaton has signalled she will be back and Carissa Lock will be playing assistant coach.

Younger players Emily Attard and Caitlyn Spence will join the side for their rookie seasons.

The side, which will play in division 2, will also hold try-outs to attract other players.

Olcorn, who has coached juniors at Melton and was an assistant coach with Big V club Collingwood All Stars this year, said the hard work was just beginning.

“So far has been the ground level work. I’m very proud they’ve put faith in me to do the job,” Olcorn said.

“We’ve returned to get the program back up and running and hopefully challenging in the next few years.”

The Thoroughbreds are expected to announce their men’s and youth league men’s coaches in the coming weeks.