■ While we all talk about participation and health being the number one reasons to get out and play sport, there’s no doubt we also hope to be winners.

Junior finals have started and over the next few weeks some sporting dreams will be fulfilled and some will be put on hold. The wonderful thing about sport is there is often another chance … but not always.

Doug Hawkins is a classic example. In his junior days at Braybrook he played in grand final after grand final and success seemed a formality.

But he never played in another grand final after leaving Pennell Reserve. Nothing, in 350 games of senior AFL football.

Yet teammates like Shane Ellen, who played just 65 games (11 at the Bulldogs, 54 at the Crows) landed in Adelaide in time to play in two premierships. Remember, a premiership is not a right, it’s a reward for a season’s work.

Enjoy it but also enjoy every moment you can playing with your mates.


■ Altona’s Jayden Post is one very lucky young man.

What appeared to be a pretty standard footy injury – a corked thigh – escalated into a life-threatening situation when he bled internally.

Fortunately, it had a happy ending but Jayden won’t be playing football again.

Jayden came back to local footy after a few years at Richmond, where he played 30 senior games, as he was keen to have a kick with his mates.

Thankfully for Jayden and his family, he has a lot left in life to look forward to.


■ Premiership reunions are enjoyable at any time but when you’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of one, that’s even more special.

St Albans Football Club won its first FDL flag all those years ago, beating Kingsville.

The Saints were wooden-spooners the previous year and when they defeated the more-fancied Kingsville by 31 points, the party started.

The reunion is at noon on Sunday, August 7, with a buffet lunch costing $40. RSVP by July 29 to Lisa Psaila at the Sport Club 93675956 or admin@stalbanssportsclub.com.au.

The current Saints side is making a bold bid for the finals. They’re fifth on percentage but with only two games to go (Deer Park and Werribee Districts) plus the bye, their fate does not lie in their hands.

Not only do they have to win, they need Spotswood to fall over as well. I think they might just miss out.