After enduring some bad luck in recent weeks, Sunbury United has been buoyed by securing its second win of the FFV state league 2 north-west season.

A double to Harry Thompson was enough to secure a 2-1 win against Hume United on Saturday.

Speaking before the match, coach Rob Pianalto said his side had started the season with a tough run of matches.

“It’s been very tough and we’ve been a little unlucky,” he said.

“We’ve played a lot of the better teams to start the season and it’s shown that at this stage we’re not in the elite bracket.”

Despite having just two wins, Pianalto has been impressed with some of what he has seen and says getting a couple of wins on the board will help confidence.

Sunbury struggled in the past two years in state league 1 north-west before being relegated for this season.

“When you’re losing games, the mentality is to go into your shell,” Pianalto said.

“We are working hard … what we need is some quality attacking and making the most of our opportunities. The morale is good.”

Pianalto said that while an even spread of players was performing each week, the club wanted to add a few more during the transfer window.

“No one has really stood out,” Pianalto said.

“It’s been pretty even … we would like to see someone take the game by the scruff of the neck.”

The coach acknowledged recruitment challenges.

“Players find it hard to come to Sunbury as they think it’s too far away. Clubs closer to the city are after those same sort of players.”

Saturday’s win moves Sunbury ahead of Hume United on goal difference.

Pianalto says the next few weeks will give the side an indication of where it sits.

In state league 5 west, Gisborne and Laverton Park played out a 1-1 draw.

Shane Light was the goal scorer for Gisborne.

Kyneton District suffered a 3-2 loss to North Melbourne Athletic.