Caroline Springs knows every game is vital in the second half of the season as it looks to move into the Victorian Turf Cricket Association north A1 top four.

Currently sitting fifth, Caroline Springs faces three of the top four sides in the run home and wins against those sides should see it move up the ladder.

Caroline Springs captain Kane Sevior said they know they have to play consistent cricket over the rest of the season to have a chance of finishing in the top four.

“We didn’t set the aim of playing finals, but it would be nice if we could make them.

“It’ll be an interesting few weeks and if we play finals we will have earned our spot.

“We’ve got a couple of games against the top sides and it’s a good opportunity. If we’re going to get there, we need to show we can beat the top teams now.”

Sevior said it had been an interrupted start to the season, with rain, heat and walkovers meaning they haven’t taken to the park as much as they would have liked.

Saturday’s match against East Coburg, along with all VTCA games, was postponed until February 4 due to the heat.

“It feels like we’ve watched more cricket than we’ve played,” he said. “We haven’t really played many of the lower teams. We basically had a walkover against Barkley Street Uniting and missed out on points there. He said making more runs this season had been the key to them staying in more games and being more competitive. Gayashan Weerasekara has been a key to that and he sits second in the division’s runs scored this season.

“It feels like every time he walks out there he peels off a 50.”

Sevior said they were likely to get a number of players back in the second part of the season which would add to the depth across all sides.

They would continue to blood a number of youngsters across those sides as they look to the future. “We were looking to improve on last year, not just in the ones but in all our sides,” he said. “We’ve had part in all our games where we’ve been competitive. In previous years, we’ve dropped away for a few hours.”

Caroline Springs faces Moonee Valley in a two-day clash starting Saturday.