The Central Highlands Bowls Division could be in a for a shake-up next season.

With a number of players suggesting changes to the competition, the board has created a survey that will be distributed to all players.

CHBD president Glenn Arthur said this was the best way to get an idea what the players want from the competition.

“The current format of the competition is the old style,” Arthur said.

“Some players are asking why we don’t do the same format as the metro competitions.

“Others say we should have just three rinks instead of four.

“So we decided to create the survey and ask the questions.”

Arthur said the survey would cover a range of questions, including starting early, keeping the competition the same or reducing the number of teams in division 1.

Questions will be yes/no questions.

Once the results were collaborated, Arthur said that decisions would be based on majority rules.

Meanwhile, the division’s winter competition will be a different, quicker format this year.

Arthur said the aim behind that was to attract new and social bowlers to the competition.