She is a star with plenty of stripes and a sweet face. Meet Ziwa, the first zebra foal born at the Werribee Open Range Zoo in the past five years. Ziwa was born to mother Zaide on April 28. Ziwa, Zaide and the rest of their zebra herd met the media during a feeding session last week. Keepers at the zoo say they are “delighted” with Ziwa’s progress and health. Keeper Lance Weldhagen said the foal had been doing well under the watchful eye of her mum. “This is Zaide’s first foal and she has been the perfect mother,” he said. “Zebras are very protective of their young … she is keeping a close eye on Ziwa and making sure she does not stray too far from the herd.” Ziwa was named after a wildlife conservancy in Uganda. Werribee Open Range Zoo visitors can see Ziwa every day by going on safari. Details: