A young Brimbank actor is all set to pass her toughest screen test yet.

Victoria Giannarakis will light up the screen at Hawthorn’s Lido Cinemas after winning a role in the Australian psychological horror flick, Atonia.

In the film, Victoria plays a ray of sunshine in the otherwise bleak world of the main character, Jack, who is haunted by the ghostly presence of a disturbed woman.

“The girl I play is the younger sister of Jack and she represents all the happiness in his life,” Victoria said.

“It was a really challenging role to play because everyone else was playing really sad roles and I had to go against the atmosphere and stay upbeat.”

While the role was challenging, the 11-year-old already has a wealth of experience.

“I’ve had 12 roles in my career and got to work with some amazing people like Rhonda Burchmore,” she said.

“Acting is something I definitely want to keep doing. I’d like to study some theatrical subjects like musical theatre in the future too.”

Atonia will open at the Lido Cinemas on Sunday, March 11.

Details: facebook.com/atonia.horrorfilm/