More than 1000 kilograms of rubbish was collected across Wyndham on Clean Up Australia Day.

Two separate clean-ups were hosted last Sunday, delivering “concerning” masses of rubbish.

A group of 120 volunteers joined the Point Cook Open Spaces event, focusing on the wetlands in Point Cook.

Organiser Bruce Boddington said the team of volunteers collected more than 850kg of rubbish.

“There was a lot of heavy stuff, like building materials, trolleys, push-bikes … and 550 kilos in general plastic and paper rubbish,” he said. “It’s of concern, there’s a reasonable proportion of building litter.”

He thanked the volunteers and community groups who helped the clean up.

“It wasn’t just the environmentalists who came, there were people from different community groups, their involvement was vital to the success of the day.”

Meanwhile, over in Werribee South, 58 people collected more than 200 kilograms of rubbish in a clean up hosted by Beach Patrol 3030.

Among the rubbish collected were 122 cans, 56 plastic bottles and 86 glass bottles.

Beach Patrol 3030’s Rob Bradley said the day was a success and many people signed up to join the group.