A Woodend scientist is behind a new hearing technology that aims to eliminate travel and costs associated with managing hearing impairment.

Dr Elaine Saunders is the cofounder and managing director of Blamey Saunders hears, a company which last week launched Facett – a new self-fit hearing aid.

Dr Saunders said the new design enabled users to easily acquire and manage hearing aids from home.

Users can test their hearing over the internet and then be mailed a personalised hearing aid based on the results.

“Then using their phone or their computer they can personalise them a bit further if they want – or we can do it for them over the internet,” Dr Saunders said.

She said the equipment was simple enough for older and less-technologically apt people to navigate.

“It’s much easier than doing your banking.”

The device also does not rely on disposable batteries, like many hearing aids, but is recharged overnight.

The Woodend resident has always been passionate about helping people hear, but said living on a rural property had definitely inspired her to develop a product that would benefit people living with limited access to services. She said studies showed cost and distance were the main barriers behind people not seeking help for their hearing, which could increase feelings of isolation.

The company has launched the device following a collaboration with Extel Technologies, RMIT and Swinburne Universities and federal and Victorian government support.

More details: Facett.com.au