A Wyndham Vale woman has been banned from owning a dog for five years following a dog attack.

Earlier this month, the Werribee Magistrates’ Court ordered the woman to pay nearly $5000 in fines and costs after her Staffordshire terrier cross attacked another dog near East Gateway in Wyndham Vale, causing injuries to both the dog and its owner.

The woman was found guilty of having an unrestrained dog wandering at large, and failing to apply to register her dog. She was also banned from owning a dog or being in control of a dog for five years.

It’s the second time the woman has been taken to court due to a dog attack. In March 2017, she pleaded guilty to having an unregistered dog at large and was ordered to pay more than $8800 in fines and costs when her then-American bulldog cross attacked another dog at Werribee South beach.

Both dogs were put down following the court cases.

Wyndham council environment and sustainability portfolio holder, Heather Marcus, said the case was an important reminder for pet owners to be aware of their responsibilities to their furry charges.

“As a pet owner myself, I feel very sorry for the dogs that have been put down as a result of this,” Cr Marcus said.

“No dog is born violent and if these dogs had received the proper training and care, this entire situation could have been avoided.”