November’s wild weather contributed to a decline in the number of Sunbury line train services being delivered on time.

Flash flooding, a lightning strike and high temperatures which slowed trains resulted in the lowest punctuality rate on the Sunbury line for this year, according to Metro trains.

Public Transport Victoria data for November showed 88.1 per cent of services on the line arrived on time, down from 90.9 per cent in October. The Sunbury line’s highest punctuality rate was 92.9 per cent in April.

Punctuality of peak services also dipped with 86.3 per cent of services meeting targets.

Reliability on the Sunbury line (the percentage of services that run) was slightly above the yearly average. In total, 99.3 per cent of all services were delivered throughout November, while 99 per cent of peak services were delivered.

Metro spokesman Marcus Williams said reliability figures had been helped by an increase in services.

“Ten extra weekly services were recently added to the Sunbury line in peak times when our passengers need them most,” Mr Williams said.

“We’re delivering more services, more often for our passengers, which is supported by increased maintenance and major network upgrades.”

He said unexpected weather events, including a lightning strike at St Albans, had affected service punctuality.

Mr Williams said the Level Crossing Removal Project and the new Metro Tunnel would vastly improve the Sunbury line.

“Work to remove level crossings continues and the new Metro Tunnel will be a game-changer for the Sunbury line, bringing with it new high capacity trains and signalling,” he said.

Works to remove the Melton Highway level crossing in Sydenham are under way. Level crossing removals at Main and Furlong roads in St Albans have been completed.