Thousands of Whittlesea and Hume residents are missing out on a share of more than $200 million.

New Australian Taxation Office (ATO) data reveals that there are more than 6.3 million lost and ATO-held super accounts with a total value of about $18 billion across Australia.

But $200.3 million of that is in accounts of people living in Whittlesea and Hume.

In Whittlesea, more than $98 million is sitting in lost and unclaimed super accounts, with accounts belonging to people living in Mill Park and Epping holding the most money. In the 3082 postcode, there are 2926 lost or ATO-held accounts totalling $18.6 million, while in 3076, there are 3243 accounts totalling $15.7 million.

In Hume, more than $101 million is waiting to be claimed, with the 3064 postcode accounting for a large portion of the lost and unclaimed accounts.

The postcode, which takes in Craigieburn, Roxburgh Park, Mickleham and Kalkallo, has 7014 accounts totalling $31.2 million.

Lost super refers to accounts held by super funds where they have lost contact with the account owner. By law, after a period of time, the lost account and its balance are transferred to the ATO and considered to be unclaimed super which is held by the tax office.

ATO assistant commissioner Debbie Rawlings said people often lost contact with their super funds when they changed jobs, moved house or failed to update their details with their super fund.

“Over the past four financial years, we’ve reunited 1.68 million accounts worth $8.12 billion with the account owner, and there’s plenty more to be found,” she said.

“More people are finding their lost and unclaimed super through our online services every year.”

Ms Rawlings said people can choose to keep multiple accounts, but consolidating their accounts could help them avoid paying multiple sets of fees and charges.

She said the easiest way for people to keep track of their super, find lost or unclaimed super, or combine their accounts is by using ATO online services through myGov.

“By using myGov to track down your super, the money will be transferred to your preferred fund, generally within three working days,” Ms Rawlings said.