Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network is urging pet owners to keep watch over their animals after a koala was attacked by a dog in Macedon.

The volunteer group has taken to Facebook to notify Macedon Ranges residents that an 11 kilogram koala had to be euthanised earlier this month because of injuries sustained during a dog attack.

“It’s been a tough start to the year for koalas in the Macedon Ranges,” the post read.

The volunteers have encouraged residents to ensure their pets do not roam.

“We ask all residents to be mindful that they are sharing this amazing environment with native wildlife.”

Wildlife Victoria, which receives reports and calls about wildlife needing help across the state, takes a number of calls about animals being attacked by dogs every month.

Two per cent, or about 67 of the 3327 animals in need of help that the organisation attended to in February were caused by dog attacks, according to Wildlife Victoria data.

Wildlife Victoria operations supervisor Emily Small said there were many instances of dogs attacking koalas.

Ms Small said the attacks often left both the dog and koala seriously injured, but as domestic animals, dogs had more access to help.

Her advice to dog owners was to be aware of the area that is accessible to their dog – whether it is private or public land.

“If you know there is a koala around, keep your dog well away,” she said.

Considering the hot weather that Victoria continues to experience this month, Ms Small has also advised residents to place dishes of water outside for wildlife to access – that are not in the reach of dogs.

She said lizards, birds and small marsupials benefited from low dishes of water, particularly those with sticks inside to allow them to perch onto something.