Firewood collectors have been warned to stay within load limits and stick with properly designated areas.

The spring firewood collection season on public land opened across Victoria on Friday (September 1).

Acting regional forest management and roading co-ordinator Dave Pasztaleniec reminded residents that they must collect firewood only from designated collection areas and stay within collection limits.

“This includes taking a maximum of two cubic metres per person per day and a maximum of 16 cubic metres per household per financial year,” Mr Pasztaleniec said.

Updates about firewood collection, including the location of firewood coupes, are available online, he said.

Mr Pasztaleniec said the environmental, land, water and planning department and Parks Victoria staff would patrol parks, forests and reserves to ensure people were doing the right thing.

“Firewood collection is only permitted on public land during designated times of the year and from designated firewood collection areas,” he said. “The felling of any trees for firewood is strictly prohibited.

“It is also illegal to sell firewood collected on public land without an appropriate permit or licence.”

He said that people flouting the law faced fines of $634, or a maximum penalty of one year imprisonment or a fine of up to $7928 or both if the matter proceeded to court.

Information the community may have about illegal removal of firewood for sale can be reported to 136 186.

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