The family of Florence and Sheryil Allen are breathing a brief sigh of relief after they were granted an eight week extension on their visa application today.

Florence, 80, and her autistic daughter Sheryil, 50, now have until November 28 to continue their visa fight, after their calls for permanent residency on compassionate grounds were denied

The Taylors Lakes ladies had previously had their application for permanent residency denied due to Sheryil’s disability.

The immigration department gave the pair until October 3 to depart Australia, however a last minute meeting with the visa office saw the extension granted.

Florence’s son, Elroy, said there had been no further movement from the immigration minister, but the extension was a welcome boost for the family.

“It just give us more time to get things moving,” he said.

“It was cutting it a bit fine, we had to go in for an interview at the visa office, but we’re thankful.”

An online petition calling for both ladies to be granted permanent residency on compassionate grounds now has over 65,000 signatories.