The family of Florence and Sheryil Allen are still awaiting on an outcome in their long-running visa saga, with a second appeal to the immigration department lodged last month.

Florence, 80, and her daughter Sheryil, 50, were denied a permanent residency visa in September due to Sheryil’s autism and the belief by the immigration department that she would be a future burden on the health system.

But her Taylors Lakes family already provide full private medical care and insurance for both Florence and Sheryil, and say they don’t want any welfare money.

The family was given an eight-week extension on October 3, and has since been given a further two-week extension after lodging a second appeal against the verdict with the immigration department. If the immigration department has not reached a verdict by the December 6 deadline, then a further two weeks will be added.

If the appeal fails, the pair will be forced to return to India and family members will take turns flying in to care for them. Sheryil is likely to be placed in an institution.

Florence’s son, Elroy, said they had put an exhaustive appeal to the department, but the constant uncertainty of the process was taking its toll on the family.

“We’ve received a lot of support from ministers, the community, and reports from psychologists in India to support this appeal. It’s been very in depth,”
Mr Allen said.

“It’s been a tough few months. My mother has been in hospital recently with cellulitis. She was on a heavy dose of antibiotics and the doctors say stress was a big contributor. I’m not sleeping much, the whole family is under a lot of strain.

“We’re leaving no stone unturned, but we haven’t heard anything from the department yet.”