Bacchus Marsh has topped the list of the most rejected customised registration plate applications in Victoria.

In the past year to June, VicRoads has knocked back about 175 registration plate applications from residents on the grounds they were violent or offensive.

Applications were also rejected if they sent the wrong message about public safety.

Bacchus Marsh recorded the most objections followed by Sydenham, Hillside, Taylors Hill and Delahey, and Berwick.

VicRoads’ custom plates manager Brendon Wilson said about 25,000 new sets of customised number plates are sold each year.

“While there are countless combinations to choose from, it is occasionally necessary to reject applications or withdraw certain combinations from use if they are deemed inappropriate for public display.”

VicRoads’ screening process picks up inappropriate plate combinations which stops the majority of unsuitable plates being processed.

Among the combinations that did not pass the vetting process were MURDAR, DETN8R, PSYKOH and DRUNKN.

Mr Wilson said that applications were rejected if they contain inappropriate language, make inappropriate racial, religious or sexual references, contain physical or mental health references, a poor road safety message or misrepresent an authoritative body or agency.

Drivers can return their plates to the nearest VicRoads office and be refunded if they have already been issued with a plate which is later deemed unacceptable.

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