For Doreen’s Zoe Fish, being able to spend time with other children who have lost a sibling is priceless.

Three years ago, Zoe’s older sister, Lily died from cancer. Lily was diagnosed with a stage one Wilms Tumor in 2012 at just four-years-old.

The cancer, which starts in the kidney, is the most common type of kidney cancer in children.

Lily had surgery and chemotherapy and was declared cancer free for six months before she relapsed. In 2014, she died.

In the years since, Zoe, seven, has been partnered with one of the Very Special Kids’ family support practitioners and attending regular events for children who have sick siblings or a brother or sister who has died.

Zoe said the events helped her when she was missing Lily.

“I love the sibling days because – I get to meet kids just like me who are missing their sister or brother,” she said.

Zoe said she enjoyed spending time with Mei, the family support practitioner the charity assigned to the Fish family. Mei uses art therapy to help Zoe when she is feeling sad.

“I especially like talking to Mei about Lily. She is so nice and always listens,” Zoe said. “If I could have one wish, it would be to have Lily back so I could tell her I love her.”

The charity is hoping families will donate to its programs ahead of Christmas to allow it to match more children with support workers.