Three Brimbank juniors will be an integral part of one of world tennis’ biggest events.

The teenagers – siblings Olivia and Aristidis Bosidis from Hillside and Olivia Causovski from Taylors Lakes – have been selected as ballkids for the Australian Open, which starts on January 15.

They are part of a squad of 350 chosen from a field of more than 2500 applicants.

After completing a rigorous five-stage try-out period that began in March last year, Olivia Bosidis said she was eager for the main event to begin.

“I’m really excited about the opportunity,” she said. “I watch a lot of tennis … it’s really exciting to think that I could ballkid for them.”

Ms Bosidis is no stranger to the big stage, with 2018 marking her fourth stint as a ballkid at the open.

“Given my age, this will be the final time I get to be a ballkid, so I’m looking to go out on a high,” she said.

“Each year, the best ballkid is selected by a panel of judges and they get to go over to France and ballkid the French Open, which is something I’d love to do.

“I’d really love to ballkid for Roger Federer or Maria Sharapova, who are my favourite players on each side of the draw.”

Ms Bosidis’ ballkid career isn’t short on highlights.

“I’ve been pretty lucky,” she said. “I was able to ballkid in a match with Stan Wawrinka a little while back. And once, when I was getting ready to go out on court, I turned to my left and Rafael Nadal was standing right next to me, which was quite surreal.”