It’s the invisible condition that can wreak havoc on your body if not managed properly.

With National Diabetes Week coming up next month, Werribee Diabetes Support Group convener Bob Fairclough is calling on those living with the condition to take particular care of their feet.

Diabetes covers a range of conditions where a higher-than-normal amount of sugar in the blood can affect many parts of the body and, if not attended to properly, can cause nerve damage, impaired sensation and poor blood circulation in the feet.

Last year alone, there were 4400 foot amputations in Australia arising from poor management of diabetes, Mr Fairclough said.

“Many of these cases could have been prevented by early treatment and by choosing the proper footwear,” he said.

Diabetes Victoria also recommends regular foot checks for signs of infection, skin ulcers or cracks, or any new pain, swelling or redness.

New figures from Diabetes Victoria reveal 5.8 per cent of the Wyndham population have diabetes – slightly higher than the national average of 5.3 per cent, with type two diabetes the most common type in the area.

Wyndham also has a high prevalence of gestational diabetes, with 6.8 per cent of the Wyndham population living with diabetes being diagnosed while pregnant.

The national average is 2.2 per cent.

The Werribee Diabetes Support Group meets at the Kelly Park Centre, 2b Synnot Street, Werribee, at 10am every second Friday of the month. Visitors are welcome.