Public Transport Victoria has raised the bar for performance on metropolitan train lines, calling for higher standards of service delivery.

Figures for December show the Sunbury line performance was steady throughout December, with 99.4 per cent of services delivered and
89.4 per cent of services delivered on time, which was similar to previous months.

But PTV chief executive Jeroen Weimar said tougher performance benchmarks mean Metro must improve. Both Metro and Yarra Trams had their contracts renewed on November 30, 2017.

“We’ve raised the bar in the new contracts with our train and tram operators to deliver a better travel experience for our passengers,”
Mr Weimar said. “After the first full month of the new contracts, both operators still need to lift their game”.

December was a difficult month for the operators, which had to deal with the tragic Flinders Street pedestrian incident and extreme weather events.

“We acknowledge there are factors the operators cannot control, but we still require answers as to what they are going to do to improve future performance,” Mr Weimar said.

Metro previously had an overall performance target of on-time services of 88 per cent, but is now being required to deliver 92 per cent.

Under the new contracts, Metro can face performance penalties of up to $1.25 million each month. Whether penalties apply for December will be determined in coming weeks.

Ballarat line V/Line services had a drop in performance across December, with 94.7 per cent of services delivered (down from 98 per cent the previous month) and 83.9 per cent of services on time (down from 86.3 per cent).

“Our aim in 2018 and beyond is to continue improving every line on our regional network, with the $1.57 billion Regional Rail Revival set to fast track giving regional Victorians the services they deserve,” Mr Weimar said.