Angry Keilor Park residents say they will fight a proposed residential development of 72 townhouses.

The Keilor Park Hall was filled to capacity last month for an information session on a proposal for the former Keilor Park Primary School.

Lisa Atkins, of the newly formed Keilor Park residents group, was at the meeting and said the community was united against the development.

“The hall was filled almost beyond capacity and everybody there was dead against this development,” she said.

“There were a number of concerns raised at the information session, but we were told that it was an information session and not a public consultation.

“Following the session, we had a residents’ meeting and decided on a strategy to take steps to oppose this.” Development Victoria plans to submit a planning application to Brimbank council this month, however Ms Atkins said the proposal was full of problems.

“There’s a number of existing traffic problems in Keilor Park, what’s going to happen when we add 72 townhouses, each with two to three bedrooms to the equation?” she said.

“They also haven’t got specified parking spaces. Each dwelling will have a separate carport/garage, but how many spots? Will there be more than one spot considering these places are more than one bedroom?”

Ms Atkins said the proposal, which aims to align with the character of the surrounding suburb, misses the mark.

“Keilor Park, particularly the part around Eliza Street where the site is, has one dwelling per house block. Seventy two townhouses doesn’t match this at all,” she said.

“Ideally we’d like the land to be re-zoned back to community use, but if that’s not possible there are a number of issues the council will need to address.”