Seerat Dhiman has been taking over the airwaves – and she’s doing it at the tender age of five.

Seerat, who is in grade 1 at Overnewton College, has been a regular contributor to Radio Haanji’s (1674 AM) morning program for a number of months, calling up daily to take part in the morning laughter therapy sessions and earning recognition from listeners and school community alike.

Radio Haanji is an Indian Hindi-Punjabi station based in Melbourne that broadcasts nationally and has a global audience via its podcasts.

The laughter therapy segment features a group of children telling jokes, sharing their thoughts and interacting with call-in listeners. Seerat, a fan of the show, decided she wanted to participate.

Supporting her daughter’s wishes, Seerat’s mother, Amanjit Kalsi, helped her to learn a joke in Punjabi and contacted the station. Seerat now calls into the show every weekday morning at 8.30am and, because of her commitment and endeavour to the segment, she received a special acknowledgment from Radio Haanji.

“Since Seerat started on Radio Haanji, she doesn’t want to stop,” Ms Kalsi said.

“Whether she chooses this as a career path is still to be seen, but I know that this opportunity will help her to become a confident, intelligent and multilingual person.”

Seerat’s jokes are heard as far afield as the UK, the US and Canada.