Summer is almost here, and with it comes the threat of grass fire and bushfires.

Parks Victoria is doing its utmost to reduce the risk of fire with its annual fire prevention program, which includes works across Brimbank Park, Lower Maribyrnong Valley Parklands, Organ Pipes National Park, Point Cook Coastal Park, Woodlands Historic Park, and grasslands and nature conservation reserves in Derrimut, Craigieburn, Laverton, and Ravenhall.

Staff will be cutting grass, reducing vegetation growth along park boundaries, and maintaining access roads for firefighting vehicles to reduce the likelihood of fires starting and spreading in parkland.

They will also maintain nearly 870 kilometres of fire breaks – gaps in vegetation that help stop or control the spread of fire.

The work is carried out each year in the lead-up to the summer fire season and complements planned burns carried out as part of the Forest Fire Management Victoria program.

Greg Hitch from Parks Victoria said residents living next to parks can do their bit by maintaining their properties and keeping grass cut, clearing gutters, pruning shrubs and trees, and removing rubbish and weeds from around the home.

“Our work is essential in helping to protect communities who live close to our parks,” Mr Hitch said.

“Reducing grass and vegetation growth will not on its own stop fires from starting, but will allow us to better manage a fire.

“Our work is becoming more important with new housing estates constructed in former paddocks and grasslands each year in Melbourne’s west.”

For a full list of the fire prevention works sites, go to