A Burnside Heights woman is out to dispel the stereotype that older women can’t play sport.

Angela Dalla Rosa (pictured) is one of 24 Victorian women featured in the VicHealth campaign which aims to help women overcome feelings of judgement, intimidation and embarrassment holding them back from getting active.

Angela didn’t think she was good enough to be part of a sport team.

However, after joining a football side, she quickly realised it was a lack of confidence, not ability which had been holding her back.

“I realised it wasn’t that I was bad at sport, it’s just that I never gave myself the chance to be any good,” she said. “It is always a mix of absolute exhilaration and fear of making a fool of myself, but I’m determined to keep pushing myself and get out there,” Angela said.

Angela is now an ambassador for This Girl Can-Victoria and is hoping her story shows other women that it’s never too late to join a sports team and start living an active lifestyle.

The campaign is based on a viral ad from England, which proved to be a huge success in inspiring women to become active. To watch the ad visit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZoXyIxqFRc