It is time for the mayoral robes to be dry cleaned and hung in the council closet ready for the next in line to don the ceremonial garb. Who wants the job?

Before I go into that, I must say Henry Barlow has done a very good job in the past year. Henry and I have had moments over the years, but the veteran councillor handled several potential disasters well, in particular the Youth Detention Centre issue. I believe his experience was a key factor in the successful resolution of that volatile situation. He maintained a hard line, but did not allow it to become personal and political, and fought for the best outcome for the community.

So do we need a new mayor? I think stability is a key area of local government. The elected term now is four years, let’s make a change to two year terms for the mayor.

Breaking in a new mayor every 12 months is a waste of time and serves no purpose. Some councillors should never be mayor for a number of reasons, and there is nothing wrong with that. Not every federal politician gets to be prime minister, and even some who do, should not have been, but that is a different story.

Our current deputy mayor Kim McAliney is also experienced, and would step into the role smoothly, but if a rookie mayor was voted in, the transition is time-consuming and does not serve the best interests of ratepayers and the business community.

Give prospective mayors two years in the deputy chair, then they can step up with little or no major disruption.

This city is too big to hand the keys over to someone who is wet behind the ears and does not have the experience and wherewithal to question, challenge and cross swords with the two higher levels of government.

Yes that is part of the CEO’s position, but a credentialed, experienced campaigner wearing the mayoral robes will certainly help get things done.

I think either Henry or Kim should be in the top role for 2018 and one of the newer councillors should be given the deputy role with a mind for the future. What do you think?