A Caroline Springs artist says she wanted to show people the world through her eyes in her latest exhibition.

Audrey Buttigieg Cardona has 17 pieces on show at the Stepping Stone Cafe in Newport as part of the Hobsons Bay Art in Public Places tour which runs throughout September.

The series of drawings mostly feature different eyes – a symbol she said reveals the emotion she felt at the time of their creation.

“I’m obsessed with eyes,” she said.

“I find that eyes are the window to emotion and it was my own emotion that I would depict in my work.

“A lot of the pieces in the exhibit were created when I wasn’t able to conceive a child and I wanted to reach out to people and hope that they can relate to that.”

In Malta, where Buttigieg Cardona is from, the eye is symbolic for warding off evil, she said.

Buttigieg Cardona, an art teacher at Westbourne Grammar, said she became involved in the arts from a young age.

Her exhibition also includes paintings and mixed media works.

Art in Public Places is a month-long, multi venue celebration of art and ideas, in all their forms.

Details: www.artinpublicplaces.com.au