Thirty-two years after one of the classic fights in boxing history, a movie deal is in the pipeline for western suburbs boxing world champions Barry “Boy” Michael and Lester “Master Blaster” Ellis.

Michael, from Williamtown, had reached the pinnacle by beating Ellis for the IBF super-featherweight world title in 1985.

But Ellis’s “underworld management” was “filthy on me”, Michael said.

He said he was with his first wife at Lazar’s when Ellis’s promoter, Alphonse Gangitano, nearly bit his face off, putting him in hospital.

Ellis, from Taylors Hill, said that while he had gangster backing, Michael had support “from the wharves”.

“I think we were the last Australians, and the second-last in history, who fought a 15-round fight,” Ellis said.

Barry Michael and Lester Ellis.  Photo: Dennis Manktelow

Barry Michael and Lester Ellis. Photo: Dennis Manktelow

Michael said he was indebted to Ellis for the rest of his life for the opportunity to fight him.

“When we look back on it, we were always both mates,” Michael said.

“When I lost the world title, when I got to Melbourne, one of the first people to ring me up was Lester … we had a meeting and let bygones be bygones.

“Because they made mountains out of molehills. But no worries, there was deadset bad blood by the time we got in the ring – well and truly.”

In the movie, Ellis’s role is expected to be played by his son, Lester jr, who is pursuing an acting career.

Michael said he was in discussions about who would play him.

“It would have to be someone short, that’s for sure,” he said.

“Someone suggested Gyton Grantley. He worked with Lester jr on Underbelly – he played Carl Williams.”