The results are in for Brimbank council.

The local government satisfaction survey findings released last week reveal a mix of both good and not so good news for the council.

The survey looks at the community’s level of satisfaction with council performance on seven core measures and 23 service areas.

Brimbank performed well overall in the latest results compared to statewide averages.

Across the seven core measures, Brimbank scored the same or higher than the statewide average, but it scored below the metro average on six of the seven.

Brimbank mayor John Hedditch said the results would set a benchmark for the council to improve on in the next four years.

“We welcome these results as providing an insight into the needs and expectations of our community and we look forward to working together for a brighter and better Brimbank,” Cr Hedditch said.

“With our new community-first approach, and with a new draft council plan, we sincerely hope to use this feedback and improve community satisfaction across the board.”

The service areas that Brimbank scored highest in included arts centres and libraries, waste management and emergency and disaster management.

The key areas of displeasure from residents were traffic management, lobbying on behalf of the community and population growth performance.

Keilor residents are significantly more likely to have contacted the council, according to the survey, with their ratings of the council declining significantly in the past year across most measures.

Cr Hedditch said that given the significant change at council level in the past 12 months – including the installation of the first elected council since 2009 and the move of many council services to the new Sunshine Civic Centre – it was not surprising Brimbank’s performance scores had not risen.

“Given these significant activities, it isn’t a huge surprise we didn’t see an overall trend of increasing level of satisfaction,” Cr Hedditch said.

“With a limited income because of rate-capping, it is becoming more and more challenging to deliver to the expectations of our community.

“We will do our best by being open and engaging the community in decision-making.”

The survey, conducted earlier this year, involved the questioning of 400 residents.