A second protest was staged on Friday over VicRoads’ decision to stop licence testing and vehicle checks in Sunshine.

Protest organiser Peter Thomson said protesting would continue until VicRoads backtracked on its plan to rein in the services offered at its Sunshine base when it shifts its north west metropolitan office early next year.

Star Weekly revealed in October last year that the move would mean the end of driving tests and vehicle checks in Sunshine because VicRoads deems them “not a dominant transaction in Sunshine”.

“We want to keep the pressure up and get this crazy decision overturned,” Mr Thomson said. “The plan is to schedule another one during the school holidays, because they’re [students] going to be affected more than anyone.”

Between 40 and 50 people protested, some holding up placards that read: “Brimbank population grows, Brimbank licensing goes”.

Western Metropolitan MP Bernie Finn, who planned to attend but was struck down with the flu, raised the issue in Parliament last Thursday night, calling for the services to be retained.

“As a local in Sunshine described it to me this week, ‘This is another kick in the guts to the people of the west’,” he said. “There is very real anger. I am asking the minister to cancel this ridiculous decision.”