Georgie Hall, a senior team manager at the Sunshine branch of Ambulance Victoria, is the state’s third longest serving female paramedic with 29 years of service.

Ms Hall’s achievement was recognised last week as part of Ambulance Victoria’s 30th anniversary of the introduction of women as paramedics in Victoria.

“I am very privileged and still enjoy my job,” Ms Hall said.

“I have learnt a lot over the years and continue to do so. It’s a great job.”

Ms Hall has worked at the Ambulance Victoria Sunshine branch for the past 26 years.

She decided to become a paramedic in 1988, motivated by a need for a challenge.

“At the time I was nursing and I was working with a friend whose husband was a paramedic, as well as another paramedic who I played squash with,” Ms Hall said.

“They were very persistent and advised me to apply.

“I didn’t really have a clue as to what the job entailed but I felt it was time to move from nursing and give myself a challenge, and this was definitely the right decision.”

Ms Hall said “working with great people” was a highlight of her career.

“I have been to cases which have affected me as I have had to advise families they have lost a loved one,” Ms Hall said.

“I’ve attended car accidents where people have died and then treated the patient who has survived and got them to hospital.

“But then I have been lucky enough to deliver babies, treat patients who are extremely sick and see them discharged from hospital.”

Ms Hall said she would encourage anyone considering becoming a paramedic to go for it. But she had some advice:

“It’s not a job where you do lights and sirens all the time but one where you will attend cases relating to medical conditions, cuts and bruises, drug-affected patients,” Ms Hall said.

“You will be working shift work – day shifts, afternoon shifts and night shifts. You will be working weekends and public holidays as we are a 24-hour service.

“It’s a job with opportunity and you work with professional paramedics who enjoy their job.

“And it’s a job where you are always learning, being challenged and it’s satisfying.”