Brimbank’s only street band is on the lookout for new members.

Strike up the Sunshine street band

The band is informal with street musicians playing various genres of music throughout Brimbank streets.

“More members will mean more ideas and more fun and more music,” Mr Hinton said.

The band jams every second Tuesday evening.

Mr Hinton began the band in 2015.

“I started the band because I could only play one note on the trombone, a low Bb, and at that time, there were no openings available for a one-note trombone player,” Mr Hinton said.

“We want to bring music back to the community.

“We want people to realise we can all make music and have fun doing it.

“There is no other street band in Brimbank. It’s free, and we encourage people to uncover/develop their musical skills.”

The next rehearsal is tonight (Tuesday August 8) from 7-9pm. Inquiries: Angela, 0432 500 145.