A play coming to St Albans’ Bowery Theatre will delve into a bleak period of Australia’s history as stories from the Stolen Generation are brought to life.

Hart will be performed by Melbourne Fringe and Adelaide Fringe award-winner Ian Michael, and weaves together four real-life stories of Stolen Generation survivors. It will conclude with a Q&A session hosted by local indigenous artist Lisa Maza.

Maza said it was an important subject.

“This is verbatim theatre, so it is straight from people’s mouths,” Maza said.

“The Stolen Generations still impact on people today, and these are stories that every black fella can relate to. Every person I know has some experience with this.

“In 1967, which is when I was born, I was not counted in the census. So this is not ancient history. For me, personally, when I go to the theatre I want to be inspired, educated and entertained, and I want to be taken on a journey, which this show does.

“It’d be great if people felt comfortable enough afterwards to ask questions, but I’ll ask a few questions to get things rolling and hopefully it flows from there. I feel like there’s not a lot of understanding sometimes on these issues.”

Hart will be performed at the Bowery Theatre on Wednesday, March 14, from 7.30pm. Details: … bowerystacc.com.au/events