Anitha Perumal is bringing the art of classical Indian bharatnatyam dancing to Wyndham.

Mrs Perumal is teaching the dance style – which originated centuries ago in Tamil Nadu, south India – at the Manor Lakes and Tarneit Community Learning Centres, as well as in Point Cook.

Mrs Perumal said her parents were “very passionate” about bharatnatyam dancing and she began taking classes at the age of four, under the tutelage of her gurus Kamatchi Jayaraman and Vimala Chandrashekar.

“As a child, I did around 500 stage shows back in India,” Mrs Perumal said.

She said she studied bharatnatyam for about 25 years, but took time off to have her daughter, who is now seven.

Mrs Perumal said with her husband’s encouragement, she began dancing again, teaching some of her friend’s children.

“What I like about teaching the art form is that whenever I teach somebody, I feel like I am transforming my knowledge to them,” she said.

Mrs Perumal said that dancing bharatnatyam helped students to develop confidence, dedication and discipline.

“I normally recommend that anyone aged from five to 60 can do it,” she said.

“It is an art form with some many emotions – happiness, sadness, anger, courage, fear, wonder, delight and peace, all these things will come in the dance and with your expressions, the audience can understand the story you are telling.”

The bharatnatyam classes are held from 4-5pm Mondays at the Manor Lakes Community Learning Centre and 4-5pm Tuesdays at the Tarneit Community Learning Centre.

The cost is $20 per hour. See for details.