St Albans Heights Primary School staff, students and parents are elated their colourful creation has been voted tops in the Melbourne Art Tram’s People’s Choice Award.

St Albans Heights Primary School community hub leader Sophie Jamieson said the award was all the more special given the meaning behind the artwork.

“The design observes similarities between the school community and the wider Melbourne community – that Melbourne is proudly diverse,” she said.

“The art reaches out to wider Melbourne through the portraits that express this city’s diversity of age, gender, cultural heritage, language and beliefs as one community.

“Our families are so proud to be able to show their creativity and sense of love and inclusion with Melbourne.”

St Albans Heights’ design has featured on tram 5002, which is used on routes
6 (Moreland) and 19 (North Coburg).

Ms Jamieson said that the tram art creation was a true collaboration that had generated a profound sense of achievement for those involved.

“For our hub, this project has brought belonging, joy, and a strong sense of achievement to all involved,” she said.

As winner of the Melbourne Art Tram’s Peoples Choice Award, the school will receive a prize of $5000.