Wyndham council is in the “very early” stages of planning to install traffic lights at a notorious Point Cook intersection.

The council’s director of city operations, Stephen Thorpe, said the council was planning to install lights at the intersection of Point Cook and Sneydes roads.

“The intersection of Sneydes Road and Point Cook Road is the responsibility of VicRoads, however council is working on a project in co-operation with them to upgrade the intersection, which will include the installation of traffic lights,” Mr Thorpe said.

“At this stage we are unable to provide a timeline for these upgrades, however I can assure the community that we are aware of their concerns and are determined to see this project through.”

A petition calling for lights to be installed at the intersection, which was launched two years ago and has since closed, collected more than 670 signatures.

Earlier this month, Wyndham resident Natalie Rashidi launched another petition on the issue. The online petition, which started on February 14, has collected 60 signatures so far.

Ms Rashidi described the Point Cook intersection as “extremely dangerous”.

“There are no traffic lights so it takes a miracle to make that right hand turn and survive,” she said. “I’ve seen [for] myself how drivers are making dangerous turns to the right because there is no way of stopping the oncoming traffic on the left.

“It’s ridiculous, dangerous and needs attention ASAP.”

Acting Senior Sergeant Marty Wallace from the Westgate Highway Patrol said that during the past five years, police had recorded three collisions resulting in an injury at the intersection.

However, he said police statistics only included injury and fatality collisions.

“The intersection carries a lot of traffic and with the development in and around the Point Cook area, traffic will only increase,” he said.

See https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Point_Cook_community_Point_Cook_Sneydes_Rd_Intersection_Upgrade/?cwtlPmb to sign the petition.