Changes to Brimbank smoking laws and restrictions on clothing recycling bins are some of the proposed changes to Brimbank laws open for community consultation.

The local laws, up for review for the first time in a decade, deal with a wide range of council areas not governed by state or federal legislation, including trees, waste, dilapidation and public filming.

Many of the proposed changes to the laws follow two months of input from community members at listening post sessions and online.

One proposed change would see council get increased powers to regulate smoking in public spaces, with city development director Stuart Menzies saying the change would make it easier for council to create more smoke-free areas where necessary.

“While public smoking is a matter governed by legislation, the proposed new clause in the draft general local law gives council the option to regulate smoking in public areas by declaring a smoke-free area,” Mr Menzies said.

“There is no immediate plan to declare any areas. However, in a location such as a stropping strip, with a large number of alfresco dining premises among other businesses, it may be simpler and clearer for patrons to declare the area smoke free.”

Council is also proposing a ban on clothing recycling bins on council land, with bins raised as an issue by the community.

A ban would not prohibit the placement of charity bins on privately owned property, such as shopping centres.

Other proposed changes include tighter restrictions on public filming, greater regulation of vacant land maintenance and a clause to regulate the management of trade waste.

Brimbank mayor John Hedditch said the month-long consultation time was important to gauge how the community felt about the proposed changes.

“This is a significant document which will have great influence on how the community enjoys local neighbourhoods, main streets and public places over the next 10 years,” Cr Hedditch said.

A copy of the draft changes is available to view at Printed copies can be viewed at council customer service centres.

Consultation will conclude on September 21.