Point Cook fireys have a new piece of training equipment, thanks to generous residents.

The CFA unit has purchased a smoke machine to help simulate emergency situations for firefighters training in the use of breathing apparatus in smoke-filled buildings.

The unit was able to purchase the smoke machine thanks to the efforts of residents who live in Santander Crescent, Point Cook.

During last year’s annual Christmas lights display in the street, organised by resident Emma Lindell, the homeowners collected donations for the CFA.

Unit secretary Graeme Prentice said it had been the third time the street’s residents had raised funds for the CFA.

Mr Prentice said previous funds donated by the Santander Crescent residents had helped the unit to buy a portable radio.

He said the radio was a valuable piece of equipment for the unit, just as the new smoke machine was proving to be.

“The smoke from the machine is non-hazardous but the firefighters utilise the same equipment and techniques as they would in a real fire situation,” he said.

“Not only can the brigade train in entering smoke-filled buildings, they can train in the use of their specialised equipment for clearing a building of smoke and check the set-up to ensure that it is working efficiently.”