Sisters Fatima Tawil and Rayanne Elhouli have been recognised with a special award from St John Ambulance Victoria.

The sisters, who both work in administration at Al-Taqwa College in Truganina, were presented with the award at a ceremony held in Melbourne on Friday.

Mrs Tawil and Mrs Elhouli won the “schools” section of the St John awards, which aim to honour unsung heroes who have made a lasting impact on someone’s life by using their first aid knowledge.

The sisters were nominated for the award after they helped a grade 4 boy with epilepsy, who had accidentally collided with another pupil and hit his head on a wall during a recess break last month.

Mrs Tawil said she was walking along when she saw the boy, who had fallen onto the floor.

“I helped him get into the recovery position and was just checking that he was responsive,” she said.

Mrs Tawil said she asked a nearby pupil to fetch her sister, who called the school nurse.

Mrs Tawil said luckily the boy fully recovered from his accident.

She said she was “shocked” to receive the St John award, while Mrs Elhouli said it was “amazing”.

Mrs Elhouli said both she and her sister completed their first aid training through Al-Taqwa College on an annual basis.

“It is so important for everyone to have that first aid training,” she said.

“For example, if you’re on a train and see something happen, you will be in a position to help out someone.”

The sisters said they would display their St John award at the college.