Five-year-old Eva and her big sister Milena will mark a special occasion next week.

Eva will start prep at Point Cook P-9 College and Milena will begin year 12 at Point Cook Secondary College.

Eva said she was excited about starting school, while Milena said she was looking forward to seeing her friends after the summer holidays.

Their mother, Diana Danilin, believes Eva will handle her first day of school with aplomb.

“She’s very confident and very curious,” Ms Danilin said. “When she went to kindergarten, the moment the doors opened she went straight to the play station. I had to ask if she could come back to give me a hug.”

Milena has a head-start on her year 12 studies after completing the VCE subject of psychology last year.

The 17-year-old said she was trying to be organised, keeping a timetable on her bedroom wall to keep track of weekly tasks – including her job at a restaurant.

She said she was not too worried about the pressures of year 12.

“I feel like it will be intense, but manageable at the same time,” she said.

Milena is hoping to study bio-medical science at university next year.