Sunshine North residents have raised safety concerns after an increase in people illegally crossing the train tracks near Cranbourne Avenue.

Nearby residents said they had seen a number of people cutting through old fences at the end of Cranbourne Avenue and walking across the tracks, heightening fears of a tragic accident.

Concerns were raised with the Australian Rail Track Corporation, which sent a letter to nearby residents reminding them of the dangers of avoiding designated crossing areas.

Corporation corridor manager Adam Donati said it was important to remind everyone, especially children, of the dangers involved in unsafe rail crossings.

“We want to avoid a situation where someone is seriously hurt or killed,” he said.

“It takes a train travelling at speed up to two kilometres to come to a complete stop.

“Each year in Australia, on average 166 collisions take place between trains, people and vehicles, devastating families, communities and train drivers.

“Please remind children they must not cross or play near the rail corridor.”

Mr Donati is urging anyone who witnesses illegal track crossing to report it on 1300 550 402 or at