The Commonwealth Games haven’t been the only place where it’s raining gold, with Brimbank SES member Dan Fitton bringing home his own haul from the recent Victorian Emergency Services Games.

Mr Fitton, who has been a member of Brimbank’s SES unit for the past two years, came away from the 10-day event in March with five medals – including three golds – to be one of the most successful athletes at the games.

“This is my second year competing and by far my best results,” Mr Fitton said.

“I think most of the good racers took the day off when I was running.”

Mr Fitton won gold in the cross-country, 800 metres and 400 metres, silver in the 1500 metres and bronze in the 200 metres. He finished fifth in the 100 metres.

“I did swimming earlier in the competition as well, but I didn’t worry the leaderboard there,” Mr Fitton said. “But it’s all about competing, not the medals. Most of the time when we see the emergency services, it’s in a high-stress environment, so it’s good to relax and socialise in this way.

“There’s police, ambulance, fire services, SES, and both volunteers and professionals, so it’s a great networking opportunity around all the sports.”

A former military member, Mr Fitton said getting involved in the SES and giving back to the community was one of the best things he’d done.

“I was at home being Mr Mum when I finished my military time,” he said. “I had the time on my hands and wanted to give something back to the community.

“I was still physically fit and active, so I joined the Brimbank SES and I haven’t looked back since. It’s been a fantastic experience.”