A teenager who pleaded guilty to committing armed robbery at a Laverton North petrol station has been sentenced to 12 months in a youth detention centre.

The County Court heard that Aden Aseri and his co-accused (who was named only as “King” during court proceedings) were living in a Laverton North caravan park at the time of the offence on January 31.

The court heard the pair had been using the drug ice before robbing the Caltex service station near the caravan park.

Aseri, who was 18 at the time, threatened the female attendant with a hammer and told her: “I’ll smash your hand”.

The pair demanded cigarettes and money, and escaped with $375 after the attendant collapsed on the floor in distress.

Aseri used his share of the cash to buy drugs and gave his co-accused the rest to pass onto his mother, who needed it to pay her rent.

Aseri was arrested in February after he returned to the service station and was identified by his victim.

The court heard Aseri, who had no prior convictions, often witnessed family violence as a child. After his mother left her violent husband she became involved with a woman, who was also abusive.

After Aseri’s mother died, his “stepmother” threw him out and left him homeless.

In 2014, Aseri started a relationship and had a daughter. But Aseri’s relationship with his partner ended and he began to use ice.

Judge Christopher Ryan said that Aseri had a history of ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and suicide attempts.

Judge Ryan said he believed that Aseri, would be “at risk” if he was sentenced to a term in an adult prison.

He sentenced Aseri to serve 12 months in a youth detention centre.