A brand-new building for a Caroline Springs school will serve as a “powerful reminder of strong community interest and growth”.

Southern Cross Grammar VCE students will soon be able to use the purpose-built facility to be officially opened on Friday (March 16).

Southern Cross Grammar founding principal Andrew Ponsford said the new centre was designed to provide a contemporary, commercial-styled setting to support students in their transition from school to university and the workplace.

“In its bricks and mortar it tells the story of the school and its people, and provides a tangible and very powerful reminder of strong community interest,” Mr Ponsford said. “In its quality it honours those who have gone before and it challenges those that follow by setting new standards and higher levels of achievement to strive toward.”

Mr Ponsford said the goal of becoming the school of choice for the western metropolitan region is now a little closer.

“It is wonderful that our first students at the year 12 level can enjoy this amazing facility in their final year,” he said.

“The broader school community have all been a part of creating and shaping our future, of setting new benchmarks and of taking our school to the next level.”

Community tours of the new building will be held on March 17.

Details: bmacdonald@scg.vic.edu.au