A Sunbury teenager is preparing to take to the stage at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for the second year running.

Sandro Falce, 19, will perform in the genre-defying show Into the Abyss with friends Jacob Sacher and Jack McGorlick at Tasma Terrace as part of the 2018 festival.

Falce said the show would be his second appearance at the Melbourne festival with his two mates, who he met through a Melbourne University comedy group.

The trio refer to themselves as Paul Noodle PhD. Candidate.

The Sunbury local said he was “definitely excited” to put on the 14 shows.

“It’s going to be pretty hectic but a lot of fun,” Falce said.

During a regular week, he works as a presenter for FM radio station Triple J.

Falce said he sometimes tried to be comedic on the air, but it didn’t always work.

He hopes to achieve “a good spread” in his career between working in both comedy and radio.

Falce said he was currently trying to write his own solo show for next year’s festival.

Into the Abyss by Paul Noodle PhD. Candidate will be performed from March 27 until April 8 at Tasma Terrace, 6 Parliament Place, Melbourne.

Visit www.comedyfestival.com.au to buy tickets and to browse shows.