It’s a chance to buy a piece of history.

Williamstown Historical Society is holding a garage sale of antiques and collectables from its museum as it prepares to move out of its home of 62 years.

The museum is housed in the Williamstown Mechanics Institute, a National Trust building that is undergoing restoration.

According to the National Trust database, Williamstown Mechanics Institute was begun in 1859 and is the oldest and most substantial in Victoria.

Society secretary Kate Watson said the building was being underpinned and totally remodelled to bring it up to date and ensure it was safe.

“Most of the stuff will go into storage but we do have duplicates of lots of the items and less room to store them so we thought we might as well pass some of these on,” she said.

“We have got old sewing machines, like the Singer sewing machines with the treadle underneath,” she said. “We’ve got ceramics and glass, pictures, books, bottles, clocks, a brass bedstead, plus lots of small items.”

Renovations are expected to take up to three years.

The garage sale is on April 28 from 9am-4pm at the Williamstown Mechanics Institute, 5 Electra Street, Williamstown. Enter via the museum entrance.