Two people and a business operator have been caught dumping rubbish on vacant land at Craigieburn after Hume council put in remote surveillance at the site.

Mayor Drew Jessop said council officers used CCTV footage from the surveillance to prosecute the offenders at Broadmeadows Magistrates Court on April 5.

One person pleaded guilty to dumping two black bags of rubbish, and was fined $500, while another person pleaded guilty to dumping green and general waste, and was fined $600.

A company pleaded guilty to dumping rocks at the site. It was fined $2000.

“This case should send a very clear message to anyone who thinks they can simply find an empty block to dump rubbish on, and expect the community to deal with it,” Cr Jessop said.

“These actions are disrespectful towards our community as, ultimately, illegal dumping costs ratepayers money, and damages the appearance of our city.”

Cr Jessop said the council was determined to pursue offenders regardless of how much rubbish they are caught dumping.

“We take all matters of illegal dumping seriously and we attempt to prosecute each offender, regardless of the size of the waste,” he said.

“We have the ways and means to investigate dumped rubbish … this includes a network of surveillance cameras at hotspots around Hume where people have dumped rubbish.”

Anyone with information about rubbish that has been illegally dumped is asked to call 1300 HUME CLEAN.