Rockbank residents can now access high-speed internet via the National Broadband Network.

About 280 homes and businesses in Rockbank are expected to switch on to the network.

Ebony Aitken, the network’s head for Victoria and Tasmania, said people living and working in Rockbank should contact their preferred phone and internet provider to discuss their internet usage and find a package to suit their needs.

“Many people living in parts of Rockbank can now connect to a plan over the NBN access network, which is great news for local households and businesses,” Ms Aitken said.

“For the first time, local residents also have a choice of speeds when selecting a broadband package – people should ask their phone and internet provider about the actual speeds they can expect to experience when they switch to a plan over the NBN access network, particularly during peak times.”

She said it was important to remember that making the switch was not automatic.

“To continue using your landline and internet services, you’ll need to contact your preferred phone and internet provider to place an order,” Ms Aitken said.

“Connecting to a plan … means the whole house can enjoy access to the benefits of fast internet such as on-demand entertainment options, access to online learning tools and the ability to work remotely.

“The rollout of the NBN access network is one of the biggest transformations to happen to Australia’s telecommunications industry.

“We’re working hard with the industry to provide access to the best broadband experience possible and to help everyone better understand what factors influence their broadband speeds.”