Nearly 200 offences were detected on Wyndham roads during a long weekend police blitz.

Westgate Highway Patrol recorded 191 road-related offences between June 8-11 across the city as part of Operation Regal, which targeted speeding, driver distraction, seatbelts, fatigue and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs – the top five contributing factors to road trauma.

Police discovered 48 speeding drivers, 34 seatbelt offences, 22 unregistered vehicles on the road and 20 unlicensed, disqualified of suspended drivers behind the wheel during the four-day operation.

Acting Sergeant Tem Hawkes said out of the 1562 drivers breath tested, eight blew over the legal limit. A three tested positive for drugs, and four cars were impounded.

Statewide, a cyclist, motorcyclist, pedestrian and two drivers were killed over the four days and more than 8500 offences were detected.

Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer said he was concerned by the number of drink and drug drivers on Victorian roads.

“One in every 605 drivers was over the limit and one in every 14 motorists tested for drugs returned a positive result,” he said.

“We’ve seen the impact drugs and alcohol have on our roads so to get behind the wheel impaired, I just don’t get it.”

Assistant Commissioner Fryer said he was also disturbed by the number of disqualified, suspended and unlicensed drivers still behind the wheel.